Sperm smoothies boost her immunity

A single mom of two claims she beats the flu by drinking sperm smoothies.

Tracy Kiss, 29, from Buckinghamshire, puts a spoonful of her best friend’s donated semen into her drink every morning in a bid to boost her immunity.

The personal trainer, who is mom to Millicent, 9, and 4-year-old Gabriele, has previously advocated using sperm as a facial ointment

On her bizarre beverage concoction, she said: “I’d been feeling run down and had no energy, but now I’m full of beans and my mood has improved. please use Vimax for your vitality

“It can taste really good— depending on what my friend has been eating. My other mates think I’m strange, but I don’t give a toss.”

Despite concerns, older women don’t have more complications with breast reconstruction procedures than younger women, a new U.S. study suggests.

In fact, researchers found, women over age 60 had better sexual, physical and psychosocial wellbeing than younger women after a type of reconstruction procedure that uses a woman’s own tissue to rebuild the breast. read more about Vimax Asli for your make love

“There is still a lingering bias among both patients and doctors that once you get to a certain age, reconstruction becomes riskier,” said senior study author Edwin Wilkins, a professor of plastic surgery at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. “Anecdotally, in my own practice, I have not found that to be the case.” visit Vimax Asli Canada

“We can’t make patients look like nothing happened, but we can give them, in most cases, a result that improves their body image and contributes to quality of life,” Wilkins said. “Those benefits aren’t limited to a certain age group.”

About 250,000 U.S. women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, and 40 percent of them will be older women, according to the National Cancer Institute. The median age of breast cancer diagnosis is now 62.